The Facts and Ballot Language

The Facts:

  • Many of our streets are in desperate need of repair or reconstruction and this is a priority for the city. It can begin immediately without any new tax. The Acquisition and Improvement Fund has bonding capacity sufficient to provide the funds to begin the reconstruction of our streets.  This would give the city time and experience to consider the proper taxation to continue the work.
  • The City is asking for a 20.27% increase in the city's portion of the sales tax. That portion is currently is 3.7%.  An increase of .75% would make it 4.45%.  And once you add county and state tax our total would be 9.35% and because of the Public Improvement Fee at the Glenwood Meadows the total sales tax there would be 10.99%.  
  • The 2018 Acquisitions and Improvements budget included a forecast of about $4,000,000 a year for the next five years to be spent for “Infrastructure and Improvement Projects”. The 2019 budget shows zero dollars being spent on our streets.
  • Our sales tax would be higher than any in our area except Snowmass Village.  PEOPLE CARE ABOUT HOW MUCH THINGS COST and raising taxes to these levels WOULD GIVE PEOPLE A REASON TO SHOP ELSEWHERE. Safeway is closing.  City Market is going to have a new larger store with lower sales tax and gas pumps on site IN CARBONDALE!  Lowe's has several competitors who can offer lower total prices on major purchases due to the sales tax differential which makes them and other Glenwood Springs stores less able to compete in a highly competitive market.  73 percent of the sales tax is paid by non-residents.  THAT CAN CHANGE! HELLO AMAZON, COSTCO, HOME DEPOT AND MANY OTHERS!
  • Higher sales taxes have a greater negative impact on lower income people.
  • City Council “promises” to eliminate the .75% tax when the projects are complete, but have you EVER heard of a tax being cancelled early? NO. Never.  And when these projects are complete, not a single current councilor will be in office.  The future council COULD eliminate the ordinance BUT; there is really no way to know if this tax would go away before its legal expiration.
  • Members of City Council and several of the candidates have said that South Midland would be funded by this tax.  THAT IS NOT TRUE!  South Midland is already funded by the A & I tax passed in 2016. 
  • Nearly $900,000 of the $2.4 million of total Streets Tax collected is not used to repair the streets. (See 2018 Glenwood Springs City Budget.)
  • The City Council will tell you that they can't squeeze another dime out of the $91 million city budget for the streets and infrastucture...  So they've come to us for more.  Enough is enough.  Let's find a better way. 


The Ballot Language:

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